Wine-ding Down?

I was at a tasting with a pair of friends who used to work in wine.  I say work in wine, because for them, it was a job and not a passion.  For me, wine is passion, but thankfully I also pay the bills because of it.  We're at this tasting and he, lets call him John, turns to me and says "Don't you just despise Silver Oak?" Our other friend in turn, says, "You mean Silver CHOKE?"  
When did we ever feel like we're better than staples of the wine world?  Chris Walker, a good friend and coworker will probably be shocked at reading this; Silver Oak, Caymus, Mondavi are all good wines.  Doug Baron who makes Silver Oak does a great job at giving the American Public what they want, utilizing American Oak to embolden his Cabernets to fit our massive palettes.  Chuck Wagner of Caymus put Cult Cabernets on the map and in our major retail markets.  Mondavi, well Mondavi showed us that wine was fit for everyone.  I've had his '76 Cabernet Reserve, and it's just now peaking.  Chris has a passion for wine that rivals my own, and he too is hesitant to mock someone's hard fought creations.  He, like myself, recognizes that sometimes we want something that people know and are impressed by.  I know that a Corvette is not necessarily the BEST car, but darned if it doesn't make heads turn.  If you ever want to impress a sommelier, ask them if they have any Silver Oak Bonny's Vineyard.  It's from back when Jason Meyer was the owner/winemaker and it may be some of the best wine to ever come out of California.  I had the '84 vintage a few months ago, and I nearly cried.  It's not cheap, but its a legacy that you can be a part of, and that should impress yourself. 
In short, if it's that popular, it's not a bad wine; you simply don't like it.  I love Frog's Leap Merlot, but for some reason people think that 100% Merlot isn't savage enough for our lifestyles.  Chris likes Gran Reservas, but some people think they're too fleshy and spice driven.  Who cares if you're not drinking it?  Leave the wine making to the pros and drink what you like, believe me they know what they're doing better than we do.  

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